Saturday, June 28, 2014

Maai + Ploom + Finesmith

Eyna Dress (Tango Applier) in Pink New Release by Maai Group Gift

Holli Hair by Ploom @Summerfest

Fly Tiara & Wings by Finesmith Group Gift

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

[BANNED] + Pervette

 Tuxedo White Bikini (Lolas & Banned Booty Appliers) by [BANNED]
My Sweet Butterflies Chain in Black by PerveTTe @Summer of Love Fair
Cloud Wings in White by Cila Group Gift
Beastie Horns by .DirtyStories. Group Gift
Xen Skin (4 Tones - all Appliers) by Mystic Canvass Group Gift
Genevieve Hair in Candy by Ploom
Flower Eyes Patch in Black & White by Bird Next Door Shop
Fitmesh Booty Bigger Belly by [BANNED]

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Pervette + FashionNatic + [BANNED]

Sexy Open Body Lace in Black (all Appliers) by Pervette @Body Boudoir

La Muerte Tattoo (all Appliers) by Pervette @The Black Dot Project

Felicity Slink Boots High (color HUD laces) by FashionNatic

LocknRoll Hair in Black by RunAway SFH Gift

Black Only Bracelet by Opal I'm a Demon Hunt Gift

FitMesh Booty Bigger Belly by [BANNED]

Flamenca Passion

Rosa Red Sevillana Dress (Tango Applier) by The Beautiful Ones

Hair Rose by Dirtyland

Black Heart Mesh Nails by Vika Design

Jaya Hair by Catwa

Thursday, June 19, 2014


Rose's Corset (Tango Applier) by +Macabre+ Group Gift
Valentine's Tights (Booty & Slink Appliers) by Chary Group Gift
Muri Shoes (Slink High Feet) by Maai
Fairy Tattoo (Tango Applier) by [KHARMA] Urban Assault Hunt Gift
Zipper Face Tattoo by Leti's Tattoo Group Gift
Absence of Fear Hair by Moon {Hair} Group Gift
FitMesh Booty Bigger Belly by [BANNED]
Black Cigarette by Glitzz D/S Hunt Gift

Monday, June 16, 2014

Foreign Nights

Willow Outfit (all Appliers) by .::Pink Sugah::. FBG Hunt Gift
My Rosary Neck Tattoo (all Appliers) by *PerveTTe* @Lubbly Jubblies
Skies Hells Shoes in Black (Slink Mid) by **Brii Underground Wear** D/S Hunt Gift
Hat by [Glitzz] D/S Hunt Gift
Elastic Heart Hair by Moon {Hair} Group Gift
Basic Latex Toenail Polish in Black (Slink Feet) by +Macabre+ Group Gift
Skelly Gloves (Slink Hands) by Rabid Squirrel @CSR
Studded Wrists by Razor/// D/S Hunt Gift
Lullaby Tenebra Monocle by .::Cubic Cherry Kreations::. for Horror Haute
Sorrow Eyes in Green by {Dead Apples} Group Gift
Fitmesh Booty Bigger Belly by [BANNED] 
Tango Mesh Breasts by :::Lolas:::

Thursday, June 12, 2014

PixyStix & Kokoia Gifts + EMO-tions We♥RP Hair

Iridia Skin in Sterling (all Appliers) by ~ PixyStix ~ Group Gift

Calella Shoes (Slink High Feet) by {KOKOIA} Group Gift

Darkland Hair & Horns & Face Chain by EMO-tions @We<3 Role Play

Mononoke Face Tattoo by :: Czarny Kanarek ::

Boundary Heart Garters & Anklets by [AdN] (part of outfit)

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Pervette @ OMG & Thrift Shop + Maai Shoes

My Dear Fairy Leg & Foot Tattoo (all Appliers) by Pervette @OMG Room

Sexy Open Body Lace in Pink (all Appliers) by Pervette @The Thrift Shop

Mona Lisa Pumps in Baby Pink (available in 13 colors -Slink Mid feet) by Maai

Guadalupe Tattoo (Wowmeh Appliers) by Reckless @The Mens Dept

Early Hair by Magika HUD 3

Celestial Diva Olive Skin (all Appliers) by Al Vulo Group Gift